Hair and Beauty Salon Business package

You have a Hair and Beauty Salon, or maybe a spa? And you'd like to increase the number of clients? We offer a proven way to attract and keep valued customers.

People are emotional creatures: we make decisions based on what we see, what we feel, what we like, and what we don't like. The trick is to use the way your viewer feels to win him or her as a customer. To do this, you need to capture your client at the instant she sees something that excites her, and thinks “ Wow! I like that! ” Now is the moment to engage her. Ten minutes from now might be too late.

You probably already decorate your premises with bright, attractive images and posters—but so do your competitors. Also, there's a limit to what you can post and display on windows and walls.

—Not on a web site. A web site offers you unlimited potential to showcase your products and services: those special hair styles, that especially beautiful make-up job, or the nail art you are so proud of. With a dynamic, fresh, constantly changing web site, you can catch and hold your customers' attention in a way your competitors can't hope to.

And you can bring them back again and again, by keeping your site fresh and up-to-date. Do you read one- or two-month old magazines? Probably not. Instead, you probably check store shelves for the latest issues. Keep your customers returning to your site by updating it regularly with current salon news, up-to-date photos of the latest hair and beauty styles, and notices of special events and promotions. Your customers will come back to your web site as if it were a favourite magazine, and impatiently await your updates. The more current and exciting you keep your web site, the more customers you will win, and the more repeat business your existing customers will give you.

STINS makes it easy to keep your site fresh and current. We'll show you how easy it is upload pictures and text to your site. Just use your digital camera to capture the best and most beautiful of your products and services. STINS will show you how it takes less than a minute to upload new content to your site, where your customer can browse through it at her leisure while she chats online.

And best of all—you can engage with your customer even while she is at home relaxing, because your web site puts your products and services at her fingertips any time of day or night. Each image can have a click-through button attached to immediately record your customer's request. When your customer sees a style or product she particularly likes, she can simply click on “ I want it! ” to set up the appointment, whether or not the salon is open.

It's like magic. And it takes only minutes to capture the best of what you do and publish it to your customer base.

Grow your business! Outshine your competitors!

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