15.03.04 Good news are coming from new business package users! We glad to know that our Hair style salon and SPA package becomes popular with the Hair salon businesses. The geography of this package clients is constantly growing. Started from New York it keeps spread to South and North to Canada! Now we have clients from Vancouver North West to Florida!

30.02.04 Congratulation to whole STINS Hosting team! We reached our 1000th customer! Great job was done!

17.01.04 STINS Hosting needs 2 more support specialists. New specialists main task will be to support backup procedures and monitor Linux systems. For more details please check careers page.

25.12.03 STINS Services is finished the development of the new business package for Hair salon businesses and we are proud to present it! Now it is available for our clients. Please read more details on the page dedicated to the package.

10.12.03 More e-mail viruses started to hit our network. In order to protect or customers we installed new version of server antivirus software. It is updated every 30 minutes, so we start to delete viruses in your e-mails as soon as this virus recognized by antivirus. Usually it takes about 3 hours from time it was noticed in the Internet.

25.11.03 Congratulations to all our customers! We are celebrating our 7th anniversary of the first STINS Inc. this week! The company grew tremendously for these years! STINS Inc. started as small IT consulting agency and now has offices in 4 cities of 2 countries. we are covering all IT database, storage, systems consulting, and Internet hosting services as well as server other network equipment sells.

9.10.03 STINS Services hired 2 more software developers in order to continue the on-line business projects such as Hair style salon and Logistics business solutions.

2.10.03 STINS Services started to develop first business package - Hair Style salon package. This hosting solution will allow users to upload pictures with annotation and update their salon news. Later on-line appointment booking and schedules might be implemented.

19.09.03 STINS added one more redundant link to its facilities. Now we have 3 redundant 100Mb links in order to provide 100% uptime.


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