STINS e-Mail Services

STINS e-Mail Services is complex systems targeted to deal with huge amount of electronic correspondence. It integrates cutting edge software solutions to make work as comfortable as possible.

Inside itself it has all necessary applications to deliver each piece of data reliably and eliminate any dangerous content such as viruses transparently for user. STINS e-Mail Services includes latest antivirus software, which updates its virus databases every hour and protects you sensitive data.

STINS e-Mail Services Webmail

WebMail is an optional service that complements traditional workstation-based e-mail service. WebMail is an interactive web-based service that allows you to access your e-mail from any web browser. The WebMail service is simply another way to access your existing e-mail account. WebMail does not copy it or forward messages to a hidden mailbox.

If you have a PC, Macintosh, workstation, or any other Internet-enabled access terminal, simply connect to the Internet, visit our site, and click "login" on the menu bar at the top of the page.

STINS e-Mail archiving

Just as you regularly archive your regular correspondence and paperwork for future reference, STINS allows you the option to archive online correspondence. E-mail archiving allows you to go back and review previous decisions, agreements, conversations, and other important information. At your request, we will archive all incoming and outgoing messages to and from your e-mail addresses. When you need them, you can request just the e-mails you want—for a particular period of time, or from or to specific addresses.

STINS e-Mail copying

You might decide you can benefit from tracking communications for important clients or critical projects. We offer an option to copy incoming and outgoing messages for pre-determined addresses to management, team leaders, and so on.

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